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The Almoners Resource is a collection of documents to support and assist Provincial and Lodge Almoners.

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Here are some fact sheets that may assist in advising / assisting Brethren:

Below are several advisory documents on mental health, (click on the highlighted title to read the document)

  1. The bereavement document is useful to read before visiting a brother or widow who has suffered bereavement, please do keep me informed.
  2. Loneliness is a key issue we all must deal with and for those on there own a visit and a phone call can do wonders. It isn’t always possible to visit yourself so it is important to involve lodge brethren if you can. Some brethren may live near or be alone themselves. There are signs indicating loneliness and the factsheet helps with that.
  3. There are many elements to mental issues and the factsheet helps to describe these to a degree, the key issue is to get a doctor or family member involved if possible if the situation deserves it. The Counselling Careline is very useful and involves professional assistance once the user is through the amateur initial responders. Several brethren in our Province have used this service with good outturns typically.
  4. The redundancy factsheet deals with the loss of work and again simple facts to consider. We should be asking if the brother involved needs a petition, or if there is even doubt please involve the Provincial Almoner. Ask if there is anything you as lodge almoner can do, e.g. pay his subscriptions etc.

Most important, if you are in any doubt please talk to me, I am happy to be involved and will almost certainly have dealt with a case like it before. Two heads are always better than one and the key is to assist the brother or widow.

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W.Bro. Paul Leach P.A.G.D.C

Provincial Grand Almoner