Lecture Bookings

The following list details lectures which are suitable for the Mark and RAM degrees.

The lecturers are all willing to travel across the Province to your Lodges.
In some cases a small donation to the lecturers Charity of Choice may be requested, in all cases it is expected that a Lecturer will be treated as a Honoured Guest of the Lodge.

As much notice as possible must be given when booking a lecture.
Booking well in advance is more likely to secure your preferred lecture.

It is unlikely that last minute “Panic Request” will be fulfilled, although efforts will be made in all cases.

Key for requirements in table below: 
* =PowerPoint Presentation or Projector used
# =Includes Musical Instruments.

GN01 The Ark of the Masonic Covenantits history, purpose and importance 
GN02 THE ORDER OF FREE GARDENERS IT’S RITUAL REGALIA & DEMISEAn account of the rise and fall of this Friendly Society and its relationship with Freemasonry in the 18th and 19th Centuries.40 mins
GN05 THE DUKE OF CONNAUGHTThe life and Masonic career of our long-serving Grand Master30 mins
GN07 THE ORIGINS OF FREEMASONRY IN SCOTLANDThe development of  Freemasonry in Scotland , from Knights Templar onwards30 mins
GN13PowerpointA BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE FRATERNAL ORGANISATIONS OF AMERICATheir important contribution to American History40 mins
GN14 The Ancient order of FrothblowersTheir role in Medical advancement 
GN15 Ye Ancient order of SquaremenTheir link to Operative Masonry 
GN16 The Equilateral TriangleAn investigation into the use of the Equilateral Triangle ( Mark and RAM)20 mins
GN17 Harry Houdini – Master MasonA description of the life and career of th4e famous Magician and his masonic connection – includes actual performed magic (Mark and RAM30 mins
GN18PowerpointThe Red ApronThe History of the Craft Stewards Red Aprons 15 Mins
MM02PowerpointORIGINS OF THE MARK -IT’S ROOTS & ORIGINS IN OPERATIVE MASONRYA brief history of our origins with particular reference to its roots in Operative masonry.30 mins
MM04PowerpointWORKMEN FROM THE QUARRIES & THE KEYSTONEAn investigation of where the quarries were that the workmen would have come from and some details around the use of the “Keystone”25 mins
MM07 THE HISTORY OF MARK GRAND LODGEHow the GLMMM cam into being, the state of Mark Masonry before this, and the Grand Lodge’s struggle and development.30 mins
MM08 PORTAL AND THE MARK BENEVOLENT FUNDThe life and times of Rev George R Portal, Mark Grand Master, and the origin and development of the MBF.30 mins
MM09 THE FIRST ROYAL MARK MASONThe fascinating life and Masonic career of Queen Victoria’s youngest son, who died of haemophiliac and was the first Royal Mark Mason.30 mins
MM10 JUST WHO IS THE GRAND MASTER OF MARK MASONRYA pen picture of the GM career civilian and masonic. 
MM15 Development of the Mark Degree  
MM17 Which Mark Tracing Board should we be using?A brief look at the variation in Mark Tracing Boards 
MM18 Masonic Degrees of Solomon’s Temple  
MM19 The Mason Marksome observations around the use of the Masons Marks around the world20 mins
MM20 R.M. Handfield -Jones: the man, the medic and the MasonThe story of a First World War hero, successful surgeon, industrious and distinguished Mark Mason, and Masonic author. The Grand Stewards Lecture 2018.30 mins
MM21 The Officers of the Mark LodgeA simple account of who is who isn’t an Officer, how they get their jobs, and the significance of their collar jewels.30 mins
MM22 The timber for the TempleAn account oy why Lebanon cedar was so sought after, where it came from, how it was transported, what it was used for in the Temple, and the significance of Joppa.30 mins
MM23 The Story of the Mark tracing boardThe story of the origin and development of our various tracing boards, and of the Masonic and professional lives of the two completely different characters who produced the boards most commonly used.30 mins
MM24 The fascinating foibles of Henry FitzroyThe life and times of Earl of Euston, Pro Grand Master; a tale of scandal, notoriety and intrigue, as well as of his Masonic career and achievements.30 mins
MM28 George Fearnley: medic, mayor and MasonThe personal, professional, political and Masonic career of George Fearnley – busy doctor, first Mayor of Dewsbury, Deputy PGM and Grand Superintendent of West Yorkshire, and ruler of Knights Templar in Yorkshire in the mid-19th century.30 mins
MM29 A tale of two glassesThe story of two firing glasses, the distinguished professional and Masonic lives of the two brethren who donated them, and the unexpected connections between them.30 mins
MM30 An Advancement in knowledgeAn account of some of the unexplained aspects and symbolism of the ceremony of advancement.30 mins
MM31PowerpointThe Keystone The History of the Keystone and it’s symbolism 15 – 20 Mins
RA05 THE ERA OF NOAH 30 mins
RA07 The Legend, Ritual and Symbolism of Royal Ark MasonryThe Universal deluge in Christianity and other world religions and where some of the symbolism in the ritual came from.25 mins
RA09PowerpointMORTON EDWARDS – THE MAN,  THE MODELLER AND THE MARINERThe colourful life of the shady character who ruled the Ancient & Honourable Fraternity of royal Ark Mariners before the Mark took it over.30 mins
RA10 Noah and His Family  
RA11 A history of the Royal Ark MarinersA history of the degree, its government and relationship to Mark Masonry30 mins
RA12 John Dorrington: Grand CommanderA personal and professional life of this 19th century Mason, and his contribution to he revival of the Royal Ark Mariner degree. The Grand Stewards’ Lecture 201430 mins
RA13 RAM – The Legend behind the DegreeAn investigation around the legend of Noah and the use within the RAM degree25 mins
RA14PowerpointA tale of two tracing boardsa short explanation of the Royal Ark Mariner Tracing board20 mins

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