Philanthropic No 304 Hosts The Magic of the Mark

An evening to bring the Craft and Mark together was the aim of the Master of Philanthropic Lodge and Mark President of the Leeds and District Installed Masters Association (LDIMA) to attract new members into Mark Masonry, particularly to joining Copley Mark Lodge No 111.

W Bro Ian Robertson, Master of Philanthropic Lodge and Pontefract Mark Lodge, and W Bro Keith Derry, President of the LDIMA and Secretary of Copley Mark Lodge, were delighted to host members of Copley Mark Lodge and Provincial Officers of the Province of West Yorkshire of Mark Master Masons.

The Lodge was opened in due and ancient form then called off, a new experience for many of the Lodge members and visitors – some with over 30 years in Freemasonry had never seen a calling on and off.

During the preparation of the temple for the presentation by W Bro Jason Cunningham, over 15 Mark brethren changed into their Mark regalia.  Grand Lodge Officers, Provincial Grand Lodge Officers, Past Masters, Masters and Mark Master Masons re-entered the Lodge.

W Bro Gary Parker, the Mark Provincial Grand Secretary of the Province of West Yorkshire gave an excellent presentation explaining the origins of the Degree, the significance of the ceremony and how the Mark fits in with other degrees in Freemasonry. This was followed by the first class video of The Magic of the Mark, an explanation of the regalia and jewels worn in the Order.

An superb Festive Board was attended by all the Brethren at the Allerton Asia, which served to exemplify the harmony and fellowship of the Craft and Mark.

R W Bro Trevor Bolton, Provincial Grand Master of Mark Master Mason in the Province of West Yorkshire and Past Master of Copley Mark Lodge said “I am grateful to both the members of Philanthropic Lodge and the LDIMA for arranging this superb evening.  

“Being able to demonstrate the benefits of all other orders, helps us all to gain a deeper understanding of our unique Fraternity and is a benefit to us all.  This evening exemplified the connection between Craft and Mark, at the same time as being able to demonstrate the importance of the Friendly Degree.”