Welcome Bro.Darren Marchment on a special night for Gilkirke Lodge of MMM No.812

Tuesday 21st May 2024 and a busy night for Gilkirke.  Not only an advancement but, a visit from the Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. J. Trevor Bolton and a visit too from the BDIMA.  No surprise the roads were busy through Skipton and beyond!

Once the lodge was opened Trevor was escorted in to the Lodge by a number of Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge officers all under the direction of W.Bro. Mark Holland Prov. D.C., including W.Bro. William Light the Prov. G.S.W.  Billy seems to be really enjoying his time in office and is everywhere at the moment.  Trevor was welcomed and offered the gavel by the W.M. W.Bro. Patrick Briston which, Trevor politely declined.  Leaving Patrick to continue and advance Darren which, he did in fine style.  His experience certainly showing.  Darren certainly enjoyed the ceremony.  Made obvious by various looks of trepidation, confusion and, at a certain point, a look of relief – I wonder at which point that was ?!  Darren did smile a lot though and his words afterwards at the Festive board confirmed that he had really enjoyed the experience.

The Festive board was super.  There is always a warm welcome at Gilkirke and the food always brilliant.  You do have to feel sorry for the poor waitress serving on with the Senior Warden W.Bro. Sam Cariss giving her a bit of stick saying such things as ‘it’s a good job I’m on a diet with the small portions being served ‘.  All of course said tongue in cheek and adding to the fun of the evening.  The waitress obviously knowing Sam well giving as good as she got and enjoying the banter.  I suppose I should wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Sam.  He was ?? years old on Saturday 25th May, trust you had a great day Sam.      

Trevor thanked Gilkirke for their warm welcome saying it was good to be back.  He had enjoyed their banner dedication meting back in November.  And now a candidate who was a very experienced Mason taking his next step in Freemasonry.  Trevor going on to say they perhaps use that experience and put him to work immediately!  Trevor then said they had a very big meeting coming up in March 2025 as it was their Centenary and they had a lot of preparation work to do for that, saying no doubt I will be back for that.  Closing he said he really had enjoyed the evening but, that’s not unusual it is Mark after all.  The Lodge D.C. and proposer for Darren W.Bro. Stephen Walker spoke highly of Darren telling of the qualities he would bring.  Interestingly he said Darrens job took him all over the country and Europe as well.  He worked for a company which helped quarries reduce their carbon footprint and so was used to working well and worthily……

The Junior Warden W.Bro. Stephen Lodge thanked the visitors for their company saying that visiting is the life blood of the order and had certainly swelled their numbers to night.  The Lodge D.C. had forgotten to ask someone for a response and there was a look of panic on a lot of faces in fear of them being ‘ the victim of being selected ‘  Panic over as that lot was for Billy Light who dealt with it with ease, thanking Gilkirke for their warm welcome, great ceremony, good company and, good food.  Closing saying that no doubt we will be back.

March 2025 does seem some time away, but the months do go quickly.  Perhaps put a date in your diary for their Centenary meeting which is planned for Tuesday 18th March.  Get cracking with the work to be done Gilkirke we look forward to it.

Andrew Johnson

Communications Manager