Despite Storm Babet Lightcliffe Lodge No.715 of Mark Master Masons Prevail

Friday 20th of October 2023 was Installation night for Lightcliffe Lodge and, despite the atrocious weather many battled their way through to what was a dry, warm, comfortable and busy Lodge.  South Yorkshire it seemed had seen the worst of it in our region with many roads flooded and closed.  Much of the rail system was struggling with stations such as Rotherham closed due to flooding.  Despite all this W.Bro. Simon Green Prov.G.S.W. battled his way up the M1 from the Sheffield area.  It was a very difficult journey for him.  Perhaps the Amphicar Model 770 would have suited Simon better.

W,Bro. John Parker D.C at Lightcliffe as many will know runs a slick and well-oiled machine and wasted no time in getting proceedings underway.  Once underway a eulogy was given in respect of W.Bro. John Millington who had been a stalwart of the Lodge for many years rarely missing any meeting until of late.  It was time for Simon to be admitted together with W.Bro. Keith Bradley elected representative of the charity committee.  This all under the direction of W.Bro. Charles Lindsay Prov.A.G.D.C. The W.M. W. Bro.Robert Barton greeted Simon with a very warm welcome, Simon responding saying it was a delight to be here and that he had nearly floated up the M1, perhaps he does own a Amphicar Model 770 after all…

Rob did say in his welcome to Simon that today’s ceremony might not be spectacular but hoped it would go well.  It certainly did go well.  Rob doing a great job in putting W.Bro. Stephen Turner into the chair.  The ceremony and addresses all went very well indeed.  A good show from Lightcliffe with support from some willing visitors.  It was great to see the newly appointed Wardens Bros. Gerard Galvin and Trevor Stoyles relatively new Mark Masons, but very experienced Craft Masons take up their places and, with two candidates coming through things are looking good.  It really was great to see W.Bro. Ian Wilkinson back in harness as their Treasurer.  Ian having had a very serious accident and now recovering well.  

The festive board was a treat as it always is at Lightcliffe. Its not often you get Cauliflower and Crispy Onion Soup, then followed Baby Hake on a bed of mash, to finish Chocolate Brownie with a Quinell of Cream on top.  Finally, a very fanciful Cheese Board reminiscent in looks to the fancy hats Carmen Miranda wore.  If you like visiting (we all do) and enjoy good food, why not give Lightcliffe No. 715 a whirl.  

During the toasts Simon gave information regards the Cheshire festival and supporting them where possible its Finale celebration under the wings of Concorde in Altrincham – one not to be missed.  Going on to talk about supporting the Craft and the close relationship we have.  The Magic of The Mark was also talked about and what a great tool it was and an opportunity to bring in new members.  Ritual was mentioned and that we should try to deliver it with feeling to the benefit of all but especially to new candidates.  He asked that we all look at and use both our Facebook page and website.  It really is a great tool and supplies valuable and interesting information.  

Keith in his response to the toast to The Mark Benevolent Fund and The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust told of all the wonderful things it does to help a wide range of people and organisations and of course us its members.  It had given a great deal of help and support to the festival and now needed us if we could try and help it along again.  Please look at our donations and standing orders.  Please do your best to support it when you can.  He spoke about our new ties, pocket squares and lapel pins, great value and readily available from your charity rep or on the website.  With all money going to The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust.  

Rob and Steve in their toasts to each other talked of their great friendship of almost 30 years.  Rob also talked with a mischievous grin of the two candidates he had left for Steve.  Again, with a strange smile and a glint in his eye Steve thanked him for that closing saying that revenge would be sweet.

With wellingtons on and sou’westers donned happy Masons made their way home.

Andrew Johnson

Communications Manager