Escafeld Lodge of Mark Master Masons  No 1139 Installation. 

Tapton Masonic Hall, Wednesday the 17th April 2024 and it was a pleasure to see attendance from the South Yorkshire Association of Installed Masters and a number from other Tapton Mark lodges. The Worshipful Master , W.Bro. John Maxwell kicked off proceedings opening the Lodge in fine style and confirming the minutes of the previous meeting in February. Upon a report, W.Bro. Ian Schofield, Prov.A.D.C.  was admitted to announce that the Past Senior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Simon Green accompanied by W.Bro. Alex Geddes, Elected Member of the Charity Committee was without and requested admission. Duly granted they entered, took their allotted places and received appropriate salutations.              

The main item on the agenda then followed being the Installation of Brother Richard Morley who was duly presented by  W.Bro. Tony Hobson and answered the necessary questions, W.Bro. John thanked all his Officers for their commitment and energy over the past year, following which, all below the rank of an Installed Master left the Lodge for a short period. W.Bro. John then conducted the installation in a superb fashion, a virtually faultless throughout, including the explanation of the signs and secrets through the presentation of the Collar, Jewel and Badge of his office and then placed him in the chair of Adoniram. He was then given the Gavel and Invested W.Bro. John as the Immediate Past Master, whereupon all present saluted Worshipful Brother Richard and he was then pleased to close the installed Board. All Brethren then returned to the Lodge where they witnessed W.Bro. Richard proclaimed as Worshipful Master for the ensuing year.

At this juncture, W.Bro. Phillip Glover presented the Working Tools of a Mark Master Mason, in keeping with the high standard set earlier,  W.Bro John then returned to the fray to present the Warrant of the Lodge, the Constitutions and Regulations and the By-Laws to enforce in the Lodge . The Appointment and Investiture of the Officers was then conducted.   This included a surprise being the retirement as Director of Ceremonies of Worshipful Brother Tony Hobson after twenty five years at Escafeld, congratulations W.Bro. Tony. He will be a hard act to follow but I am confident that W.Bro. Alan Corbridge will not let the side down. The Addresses were then delivered as follows:

Worshipful Master​​​​​W.Bro. John Maxwell

Wardens​​​​​​​W.Bro. Tony Hobson

Overseers​​​​​​​W.Bro. Alan Corbridge

Brethren​​​​​​​W.Bro. Simon Green.

Finally the Past Masters Jewel was presented to W.Bro. John, it is well to  know that he joined the Lodge back in 2015 at a time when it was suffering somewhat and has been a regular attender in the past nine years despite a round trip of 130 miles; a true Mark Master. The remaining agenda items being smoothly despatched, the Lodge was closed in due form. A delicious Festive board followed, substantial piece of Roast Beef. Toasts under the guidance of W.Bro. Alan Corbridge were taken. That to the Province in the safe hands of W.Bro. John who praised them for their hard work and assiduity which W.Bro.Simon supported in his response.  The Toast to the M.B.F. and Cleeves and Whitehead Trust was submitted by W.Bro. Alan who stressed that whilst a very successful Festival was now behind the Province, the Charity now needs to renew its resources,  and that should be our priority for the future. W.Bro. Alex also made the same point stressing that the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust is our Charity, our Jewel in the Crown.  

W.Bro. John gave the toast to his successor, a member of a number of Orders, but one who has a track record of delivering when in the chair. W.Bro. Richard confirmed that it is his intention to do likewise at Escafeld.  W.Bro. Alan then had the honour of the Toast to the Installing Officer, an excellent performance by W.Bro. John, a duty of which he can be truly proud. John thanked Alan for his kind comments and the brethren for allowing him the honour of being their Worshipful Master. W.Bro. Phillip Glover gave the visitors Toast, seventeen attending, something of which the Lodge be proud as the covid effect is still impacting upon visitor numbers and he thanked those who had stood in for absent officers. In response W.Bro. Chris Hamer congratulated all on a job well done and made particular reference to the warmth of the welcome that all the Visitors received.                                                                                                                                                                               

All in all a wonderful meeting, remember we are all fortunate to be Mark Master Masons, Smile and be happy.

V.W.Bro. Duncan Smith P.G.J.O