Beaumont Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1523. Installation, 4th April 2024.

A warm, friendly Mark Masonic welcome greeted all at the Masonic hall in Kirkburton on Thursday, 4th April 2024; this was to witness Brother Vincent Wadsworth taking the Chair of this renowned Lodge.

Worshipful Brother Peter Richmond, the Worshipful Master, opened the Lodge in fine style, the Minutes of the previous Lodge held on the 7th March were approved, correspondence dealt with and apologies received.

A Report was then taken which brought forward W.Bro. Charles Lindsay

Prov. Asst G.D.C. who announced that the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Andrew Brown , together with W.Bro. Paul Levey, Elected member of the Charity Committee and Escort, were without and demanded admission, this duly followed, all were welcomed and took their seats when Salutations were given.

W.Bro. Ian Pattinson presented the Master Elect, Bro. Vincent, whereupon Brethren below the Rank of an Installed Master retired for a short time, Officers of the year being thanked by W.Bro. Peter for their commitment.  An Installed Board was convened. Bro. Vincent was duly obligated in good order at the hands of W.Bro. Peter who also explained Signs and Secrets and, finally, presented him with the Collarand Jewel and Badge of his office. He then placed him in the Chair of Adoniram; and he was saluted as an Installed Master by all present. Time for the Brethren to return but this spiked a lengthy delay, could it have been the Bar was opened! Whoops. W.Bro. Vincent was then proclaimed Worshipful Master for the ensuing year and Saluted as Mark Master Masons by the Brethren. At this juncture W.Bro. Gary Parker presented and explained the working Tools of a Mark Master Mason. This was followed by the Transfer of the Warrant of the Lodge in the hands of W.Bro.Peter together with the Book of Constitutions, Lodge By laws and Provincial Bye Laws.

Time to Appoint and Invest the Officers for the ensuing year, no surprises  there but a youthful ladder bodes well for the future, I have made a note to visit Beaumont again during the year ahead, you may wish to join me ? Meanwhile a note for you all, this meeting was the last that W.Bro. Charles undertook as Prov.A.D.C. , now a mere mortal. Going forward he is resuming the Chair of Rockingham Craft Lodge based at Swinton 4.30 p.m. Tuesday 30th April and he would dearly love to see some of your smiling faces, a glutton for punishment !, contact him direct.

The Addresses were delivered in as follows;

Worshipful Master                        W.Bro. Lance Milburn,

Wardens                                        W.Bro. James Reid.

Overseers                                      W.Bro. Gary Parker,

Brethren                                        V.W.Bro. Andrew Brown.

The Keystone Collarette was then presented and explained in the hands of W.Bro. Alan Hampshire which concluded the Installation process.  This allowed the Asst.Prov.Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Andy the honour of presenting Bro. Philip Woolin with his Grand Lodge Certificate,  a moment that I doubt he will ever forget. Other matters were then concluded, Appointment of Auditors, W.Bro.John Whitworth and W.Bro. Chris Carruthers. W.Bro. Lance re-appointed Representative for the Huddersfield and Halifax I.M.A. and a comprehensive Almoners report from  W.Bro. Keith Hind, congratulations on a job well down as he stepped down from the Office he has held for a lengthy period. Nothing of note remained and the Lodge was closed in due form.

The Festive Board beckoned, was well received and the Toasts delivered, that to Provincial Grand Lodge  proposed by W.Bro. Saeed Akhtar with the response from V.W.Bro. Andy who congratulated W.Bro. Vincent and his team, thanking all for a warm and friendly greetng  He then reminded all that we source our Membership from the Craft Lodges and it is, therefore, Incumbent upon us to seek, where ever possible,  new candidates for the Craft. He also drew attention to the changes that are taking place in respect of Rulers attendance at Installations, this will become apparent in the passage of time.

The Toast to the Charities, the Mark Benevolent Fund and Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, was delivered by W.Bro. Vincent in the absence of W.Bro Peter who could not stay. Responding W.Bro. Paul Levey, Elected member of the Charity Committee, said that is important for us to maintain and increase our support across our membership for our much admired charity. C and W has supported our Brethren and communities strongly particularly through the period of Covid and the Festival and the replenishment of resources must be a priority. The most effective way of achieving this is to increase regular giving beyond the 28% who currently do so; therefore Brethren please consider signing up to a monthly contribution with gift aid where appropriate, It really will make all the difference.

 W.Bro. Ian submitted the Toast to the W.M. confident that W.Bro Vincent would professionally direct the Lodge throughout it’s journey over the next year. The W.M. thanked him for being a very capable, guide and mentor. Last, but not least, W.Bro Lance thanked all the visitors for their attendance which had added to a fine  atmosphere throughout, Responding W.Bro. Steve Spooner confirmed that all had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and wished the Lodge all success in the year ahead.

Smile, be happy. You are all Mark Master Masons.

V.W.Bro. Duncan Smith PGJO.