Triple Celebration at Eland Lodge of M.M.M. No.393

Tuesday 26th March 2024 at the Masonic Hall, West Vale. A special meeting indeed. Not only a meeting which saw Bros. James Byron and Jamie Connor advanced but a most welcome visit from the Deputy Provincial Grand Master V.W.Bro.Alan Oldfield. Making a special evening even more special. Alan making his first official visit to a Lodge since October 2023. The smile on his face as he entered the Lodge to a heart welcoming round of applause was immeasurable, he was certainly glad to be back amongst his friends in this fantastic order.

This was W.Bro. Malcolm Harrisons’ first advancement since becoming W.M. Not easy as it was a double advancement and of course in the presence of Alan. There were a number of stand in officers due to illness but, the power of our Facebook page brought in support from around the Province and a wonderful ceremony took place.

A very nervous Malcolm opened the meeting and offered the gavel to Alan. Alan eagerly accepted it saying it seemed many, many months since he had been offered such a courtesy and said what a great feeling it was. He passed it back saying there is plenty of work to do tonight. Relax and enjoy your evening.

Bro. Craig Oates the inner guard was presented with a sword that he had bought, refurbished, and engraved for the Lodge. Malcolm thanked him for his very generous donation and hoped he would enjoy his time using it as the acting Tyler tonight.   

Malcolm went ahead with what really was a wonderful ceremony. There was just a little moment of panic at the sound of an exceptionally large motorbike revving up outside and then speeding off into the distance which brought a comment ‘perhaps the candidates have changed their minds!’  Luckily for Eland and, perhaps unluckily for the W.M., they had not. There was plenty of banter between the overseers as they were a little disgruntled having to do a double shift but only receiving wages for one. All very tongue in cheek and not detracting from the ceremony in any way and making for a great evening.

The secrets were communicated to both James and Jamie by W.Bro. Andrew Fairburn with the aid of W.Bro. John Madigan.

Congratulations to W. Bro Malcolm and his officers for an exceptional Advancement Ceremony.

At the Festive board Alan gave his congratulations to Malcolm. He welcomed both the newly Advanced members James and Jamie and presented them both with a sesquicentenary token.

Malcolm thanked the visiting Brethren who took part in the ceremony, especially W. Bro. Kelsall Nunn of Dartmouth Lodge of M.M.M. No. 545 for standing in as the Senior Deacon.

Eland has another double advancement ceremony shortly and it no doubt will be another great night of Mark Masonry.

Mark Well Brethren. The future is bright not only for Eland Lodge but for the Province of West Yorkshire.

With thanks to

 W. Bro John M Fitzpatrick P.Prov. G.Stwd.

Andrew Johnson

Communications Manager