Escorted Visit to Wharfedale Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1027

Thursday 4th April 2024 and the Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. J. Trevor Bolton led a team of acting Provincial Officers to Otley to see a great demonstration of the ceremony of Advancement.  Once the Lodge was opened the Prov. G.D.C. W.Bro. Mark Holland entered and then brought in Trevor with the escort of Provincial Officers.  Trevor was offered the gavel, happily taking it, but warning ‘don’t worry its coming straight back to you I’m here to enjoy myself!’

The ‘candidate’ was Bro. Derek Henderson who was a joining member in October of last year and so fitting he could now be ‘advanced’ into Wharfedale.  And he was certainly advanced in style.  The Worshipful Master W.Bro. J. Andrew Coutts led a fine team of officers with a little support from some visiting Brethren.  It really was a fantastic ceremony everyone delivering it with passion and feeling.  A great example was the M.O. W.Bro. Tom Woodley.  A more Indignant and angrier overseer I have yet to see!  It really does make for a wonderful ceremony when the Brethren really get involved in their part and, of course makes it fun as well. 

The Festive board was a lively affair, good company and good food too.  During the speeches Andrew thanked Trevor for bringing his team which made it a very busy meeting and adding colour too.  Andrew went on to say that Trevor’s appointment as Provincial Grand Master had been seamless this last 6 months and how good things were looking. 

In responding Trevor likened himself to a duck saying how they seemed to glide effortlessly along but, underneath the water they were paddling like mad! He had thoroughly enjoyed the evening and loved the face W.Bro. David Hymas pulled when Andrew during the meeting announced the S.D. would now deliver the working tools, when it was in fact to be done by the S.W.  Davids face really was a picture and it certainly brought laughter in the Lodge.  Trevor went on to say there were several changes coming along such as adding three R.A.M. meetings to the escorted visits but he would give full details of this and more at the meeting this coming Saturday 6th April 2024. He thanked his D.C. Mark and all the team for their support this evening and Wharfedale for putting on a fine ceremony.

W.Bro. Andrew Wright gave the toast to the W.M. saying he was a serial offender having now taken the chair on three separate occasions and at least this time had led from the front! Back tracking by adding ‘and, of course on other occasions too!’.  Plenty of laughter from both Andrews and everyone else.  W.Bro. Barry Massam thanked the visitors for coming and hoped they had enjoyed there evening and said not to worry too much about Tom Woodley the angry M.O. It was just blood pressure and that they did have Dr. Andrew Wright on board who could certainly help calm Tom and settle his blood pressure! 

It really was a super night of Mark Master Masonry.  Thank you Wharfedale and see you soon.

Andrew Johnson

Communications Manager