The Travelling Porphyry Stone

South from Wetherby, maybe an overnight stay or two on the outskirts of Leeds, then across the A650 and on to Bingley.  A lost Mason perhaps, a band of wandering players’ I hear you ask?  No, it’s just another step on the journey of our Royal Ark Mariner Travelling Porphyry Stone!

On Friday 15th March 2024 W.Bro. Ian Cotton the Worshipful Commander of Claro Lodge of RAM No.525 safely delivered the Travelling Porphyry Stone into the care of W.Bro. Howard Thompson, Worshipful Commander of St. Hiev Lodge of RAMNo.1079. He was accompanied in the task by W.Bro. Mark Holland the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies no less, also a member of Claro RAM.  Ian gave a brief history of the stone before presenting it to the Lodge. The stone was at once placed on the pedestal in front of the Commander’s chair where it stayed as an anchor of hope for the rest of the meeting.  

On behalf of St. Hiev, Howard promised to take great care of the stone and safely deliver it to the next resting place on its journey. At this point he was delighted to be informed that the stone had an interim appointment at the Carl Whitehead Lodge of RAM No.110 meeting at Otley in May to which it must be delivered!

The Festive Board was thoroughly enjoyable and great camaraderie was the order of the evening. Responding for the visitors, Ian undertook some gentle ribbing of Howard who responded in kind. This of course is perfectly acceptable as they are great friends and both members of the same Craft Lodge!

A good night in all and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  Here’s to the next step of the journey of the Travelling Porphyry Stone.  I wonder where that may be?  

With thanks to W.Bro. Stuart Prince

Andrew Johnson

Communications Manager