Installation Meeting of The Carl Whitehead Lodge of Royal Ark Mariner No.110

A very sunny day Saturday 11th May 2024 for the meeting at Westbourne House, Otley to see W.Bro. James Stanley Installed as Commander of this fantastic Lodge.  An early start for many with the meeting starting at 11:00 a.m. prompt and, a practice prior to that.  It was great to see so many members and visitors present, about 50 in total.

W.Bro. Stephen N. Wood as acting Commander ran a super meeting showing his prowess as a Royal Ark Mariner.  W.Bro. James Stanley being Installed in an exemplary manner by Stephen.  Unfortunately W.Bro. Alex Steele who should have been going forward was at this time unable to proceed  and it was said later at the Festive board by the Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. J. Trevor Bolton that should things change Alex would certainly be made welcome and would be able to take his rightful place as Commander. 

There were nine joining members successfully balloted for and they were welcomed in to the Lodge by Stephen.  Next Trevor was admitted into the Lodge and accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. Andrew J. Brown, Past Rulers and, other distinguished guests.  The salutations that followed were many, eight in total.  There was some great ritual delivered and everyone taking part did a fantastic job.  W.Bro. Richard Puttrell did a great job presenting the keystone Collarette and the exposition. Stephen’s delivery of the final address first class.

Once the officers were appointed and invested which included W.Bros. Mark Kenyon as S.W. and Edward Wilkinson as J.W. it was on to the regular business.  The main points of interest that W. Bro’s. Ian Cotton and Howard Thompson were proposed and seconded as joining members and a proposition made that that R.W.Bros. James Trusswell, James Steggles and, W.Bro. Alan Oldfield be made honoury members.

A very busy Festive board with good food and great company.  Trevor congratulated Jim on attaining the chair knowing he would do an excellent job as Commander.  He also spoke of the increase from six to nine Escorted visits.  The additional three being to RAM lodges.  The first being to Fearnley RAM No. 58 then, Old York RAM T.I. and, then Portal RAM No. 127.  This to continue through the other nineteen Lodges over the coming years.  The idea to promote visiting within RAM.  The travelling Porphyry stone being used slightly different in that it would be passed on at these extra visits which, should encourage the Lodge holding the stone to take it to the next Escorted visit ensuring the stone did its job and travelled again by either land or water!  Trevor also talked about a squirrel that seemed to have been following him around the Province ever since the meeting held at Bradford Grammar School back in April and, that it had again appeared today!  Strange things have been happening with this squirrel and an investigation is about to take place!  Please watch this space for further information.   Stephen and Jim talked highly of each other which showed they had great respect for each other and both Mark Iand Royal Ark Masonry.

The meeting was closed with W.Bro. Edward Wilkinson saying he hoped the visitors had enjoyed the greeting, the meeting, the heating, the seating and the eating!  W.Bro. David Todd responded by saying they had been greeted well, the meeting had gone well, the heating was certainly well, they had sat well and, eaten well!

With that the Brethren said their goodbyes many probably to sit in their sunny gardens, light a barbeque and, be greeted well by family and no doubt enjoy the heat,  enjoy a comfy seat and, again enjoy the eating.

Andrew Johnson

Communications Manager