Proclamation at Aries Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.669

Thursday 14th March 2024 at the Bradford Club, Bradford this simple but well delivered proclamation was done in a fine way by W.Bro. Edward Wilkinson the Lodge D.C.  Present was W.Bro. Andrew J. Brown A.Prov.G.M., W.Bro. Christopher Oldfield the Elected Representative of the Charity Committee and, W.Bro. Clive Hawkins the Prov. Dep.G.D.C.

W.Bro. Mark Simmons staying in the chair for a further year thanked his officers for all their help and support and, after repeating his obligation then appointed his officers.  The most pleasing part of the meeting was the support of the many visitors.  Not only did they make it a fun evening but, helped by filling in officers for the night.  It’s often said I know but it really does show Mark Masons at their best.

The Bradford Club is a great venue fabulous rooms and good food.  The Festive board went really well.

The Lodge S.W. Bro. Chris Wilson spoke of the special and elite band of brothers that the Provincial officers are.  He did say though he felt rather special as he was one of the few there wearing light blue as opposed to dark blue.  Indeed, I must agree as without the brothers wearing light blue regalia our order cannot progress.  In his response Andy said indeed the wearers of light blue regalia were very important and that that over 80 advancements had been made this year so far with more to come.  We are certainly progressing well.  There were several new initiatives being made and ourProv. G.M. R.W.Bro. J. Trevor Bolton would tell us more at our forthcoming Provincial meeting at Braford Grammar School on Saturday 6th April.  Please support this fantastic day if you can.  Trevor would certainly appreciate your support.

On to Chris Oldfield who during the meeting had been sporting his very special jewel the Provincial Grand Masters Award a very rare jewel indeed and, one he was certainly very proud to wear.  Given for this hard work during our recent Festival.  Chris spoke of the wonderful work our charity does not only supporting our members and their dependants but supporting many charities nationwide.   

W.Bro. Philip Harrison the Lodge J.W. thanked the visitors for their help this evening and trusted they had really enjoyed the meeting, company and the food.  He hoped they especially liked the comfy chairs in the Lodge room and that they hadn’t got too comfy and dropped off like he nearly did!  W.Bro. Stuart Prince in response thanked Aries for a great night in very impressive surroundings and wished all the officers well for the coming 12 months.  Going on to confirm the meeting, company and food had been first class.  Please come and support Aries in the centre of Bradford.  The parking is easy and the surroundings and company first class.

Andrew Johnson

Communications Manager