A cold snowy day but the show must go on at Knaresborough Castle No. 768

Installation day Friday 10th March 2023.  The day started with a good covering of snow and a blizzard of emails asking whether the meeting could/should go ahead. First priority, check the caterer. Having confirmed that Lianne could make it across from York the next priority was to check that enough people could walk to the Lodge if necessary. W. Bro Andrew Brown, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies called to say that he was struggling to dig his car out and may have to phone a friend to substitute. Given the forecast of extreme low temperatures this was a wise and sensible move and W.Bro Mark Holland, his deputy, was able to reschedule some business appointments in order to attend – thanks again Mark. That forecast of extreme cold prompted the Secretary to ask for help to clear the Car-Park to reduce the risk of icing-over later. Our newest member, Bro Chris Boothturned up with the biggest snow-shovel and had almost cleared the carpark single-handedly before anyone else turned up, thanks Chris. Time for a quick shower to warm up before the meeting.

So, roll forward a couple of hours and the refreshments were ready for people arriving, tea, coffee and pork pies courtesy of the Master Elect. It may have been cold outside, but the Knaresborough welcome was as warm as usual according to our visitors. 

The Worshipful Master was a victim of the weather too, having been summoned to work despite being on Annual Leave to ensure the Employment Service could look after those in need when staff were unable to travel in. W.Bro Jack Wilson was an able substitute and visitors W.Bro Richard Beecroft stood in as I.P.M and W.Bro David Todd covered the Chaplain’s duties; they earned their pies.

After opening the Lodge remembered Bro. Stephen Jackson, who’s funeral had been held at 1:00 that afternoon, a more formal commemoration will be held at the May meeting. W.Bro Richard Brown, the Personal Representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master was admitted.  The Ceremony of Installation for W.Bro. Martin Armes was conducted with W.Bro Jack Wilson as Installing Master given fantastic support from the Officers and Brethren of the Lodge. W.Bro. Richard Stone not only full filling his roll of Lodge D.C. but representing the Charity Committee on the night.  Holidays, illnesses and late cancellations due to the weather meant that there were a number of last-minute substitutes in the Offices and performing thevarious pieces of Ritual, including W Bro Richard Beecroft from Prince Leopold Lodge giving the Address to the Wardens. The new Lodge Officers were duly appointed, and we retired to the Festive Board to warm up… with a melon and fruit starter, where was the usual soup? The rest of the meal more than made up for it and with full bellies we made the traditional toasts and readied ourselves to venture back out into the Arctic Blast. Hopefully it will be warmer in May.

With thanks to W.Bro. Kevin Lloyd

Andrew Johnson

Communications Manager