Copley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 111 Installation Meeting

A goodly number met at the Masonic Hall. The Allerton, Leeds for the Installation of the Master Elect, Worshipful Brother Stuart Burrows to be faced with a sea of happy, smiling faces which pertained throughout the proceedings. After the Dispensation had been read, the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Lance Johnson opened the Lodge in fine style The minutes of the previous meeting were then confirmed and signed, salutations were then given in accordance with Rank.

A report brought forward the Assistant Provincial Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother John Gray. He announced that Worshipful Brother Richard Brown, Provincial Grand Senior Warden, was without and requested entry, he was admitted along with Worshipful Brother Chris Oldfield, Elected Member of the Charity Executive. They duly  entered and received appropriate salutations. Attention then turned to the highlight of the evening. The Installation of W.Bro. Stuart. A short form ceremony then followed as W.Bro. Stuart was already an Installed Master and he firstly answered the usual questions. W.Bro. Lance then thanked all the Officers for their support, Collars were returned and all Brethren below the rank of an Installed Master left the Lodge for a short period. An Installed Board was opened after which W.Bro Stuart recited his obligation, was confirmed as Worshipful Master, received the Collar and Jewel of his Office and was placed in the Chair of Adoniram, finally being saluted from the assembled company of Installed Masters. The Brethren were then re-admitted and W.Bro Stuart was proclaimed as the Worshipful Master for the ensuing year.

W.Bro. David then presented and explained the working tools, W.Bro Lance transferred the Warrant of the Lodge together with the Constitutions and Bye Laws. W.Bro John Hendry then explained the nature of the Keystone Collarette and Jewel, a most important piece of the Lodge furniture, which W.Bro.Lance presented. The Officers for the ensuing year were then Appointed and Invested after which the Addresses were given as follows;

Wardens V.W,Bro. Trevor Bolton

Overseers W.Bro. David Wadeley

Brethren W.Bro. Richard Brown.

All enunciated in erudite fashion.

At this juncture V.W.Bro. Trevor took to the floor to present a Past Masters Jewel, well merited after two years in the Chair, to W.Bro. Lance. W.Bro. Trevor commented that W.Bro. Lance had lead the Lodge impeccably and could be proud of his period of stewardship. W.Bro. Keith Derry then provided a report on the Leeds and District IMA drawing attention to future events with the Almoner, W.Bro. John Derwanz giving a very full account of the Brethren with specific mention of the Provincial Almoner. W.Bro. Paul Leach who was present, a delight to see him looking so well.  The Lodge was duly closed and all adjourned for a first in my memory, a Festive Board featuring a Korma Curry with rice and naan, very pleasant.

The Toast List was in the capable hands of W.Bro. David who smoothly moved matters to the Toast to the Province which the W.M.,W.Bro. Stuart formally proposed. Responding, W.Bro. Richard Brown provided a reminder in respect of the Festival Gala event on the 1st July and encouraged all make their reservations as it will soon be upon us. That also applies to the Annual Provincial Meeting of the Province of West Yorkshire to be held at Bradford Grammar School on Saturday 15th April, Book now!  The Charity Steward,  W.Bro. Trevor Dickinson proposed the Toast to the Charities being the Mark Benevolent Fund and the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust with a plea that support continues following the end of the Festival period.  W.Bro. Chris who stressed that business goes on as usual with Almoners Luncheons continuing in the next year and a Holiday at Lytham St Annes. There remains time to provide further support in respect of the Festival, refer to the website for W.Bro, Frank Milner scaling Mt Kilamanjaro at the age of 82. Finally please consider a monthly standing order to the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, most efficient way to donate.

W.Bro. Lance provided the Toast to the newly Installed Worshipful Master, thanking him for his support in the past year and looking forward to a number of candidates in the next year. 

Visitors provide a lift to a Lodge and W.Bro. John Derwanz advised that they had nine present, thanking them for their support. Responding, W.Bro.Alan Corbridge, a close friend of the W.M, wished him all success in his year and confirmed that he will be back to provide his support, it was clear that others would follow suit.

The magic of the Mark at work again.

V.W.Bro. Duncan Smith. P.G.J.O